Our history

ECS was founded in 1988 with the clear vocation of configuring itself as a creator of synergistic value in the business world through the detection of opportunities, its formation as a viable business element and the application of the necessary means to achieve success.

Business opportunities are many. Successful, few. The cause: For a successful business project it is necessary the confluence of several integrated actions (capital, management, business organization, commercial structure…) and a clear objective, defined and achievable.

At ECS we believe that projects must be loyal over time, ethically sustainable and in constant search for excellence.

ECS is a consultant with an interdisciplinary capacity to find complex solutions to complex problems in a world in constant change, where competition is not the only risk to the growth of the company, and where only those ahead of their time have definite differentiating elements.

ECS is part of different international business alliances for the regional development of new businesses, representation of companies and the internationalization of them.

ECS is a shareholder in different companies to which it not only contributes capital, but also accompanies and advises in their growth. Currently we are shareholder in companies, which all together employ more than 1,500 employees and turnovers of more than 200 million euros.

ECS maintains its own offices and business delegates in different geographical areas to ensure continuous and effective support to our clients.

The objective of ECS is none other than the creation of differentiating value for our clients. More than 30 years of professional experience, a large number of clients and more than 50 companies in which we participate or have participated as shareholders guarantee us.

ECS want to be a useful tool for our clients, completing their structural value chain through our wide network of professional relationships that allow access to agents, promoters, shareholders and the more suitable and efficient staff to achieve the objectives agreed with the firsts.