What we offer


  • Bringing experiences from other similar companies, reducing the client’s learning curve
  • Bringing in new ideas when the trees keep from seeing the forest.
  • Providing critical positions to discuss the current progress of the company.
  • Providing complementarity in business conception.
  • Bringing new partners to generate synergies with the current business.
  • Adding value elements at reasonable costs.
  • Contributing passion for excellence in the organization, with proven human and technical resources.
  • Providing tools to create agile organizations for detecting and responding to market signals.
  • Detecting new ways of business development.
  • Detecting new feasible business ways.
  • Committing to customer’s development

We generate, acquire or participate as seed funds in a differentiating idea.

We help to the growth of companies with high added value in their growth by providing management and/or financing (total or partial). Just in case, we seek and select the most suitable partners for a consistent business growth.

We help to the business consolidation by contributing new strategic partners, generating synergies with other own projects or of our network of contacts. When the managed or financed company grows enough we leave the capital or remain as minority partners with commercial agreements that allow us to continue generating synergistic business with the company.

We detect needs in the market of purchase or sale of products and/or services.

We provide differential value and commercial and legal consulting to those who buy and sell.

We act as business consultants so that the parts of a buying/selling process are understood in the most efficient and optimized way possible.

From our International consulting network we detect business opportunities in any phase of development.

We value and carry out the consultancy aimed at generating profitability (entry and study of the exit of the business) of every business opportunity.

We study whether we can lead the project through our own structure or sell the project to third parties.

ECS have the honor to represent different business groups in the consumer and investment sectors. From our business involvement and commercial relations we detect opportunities for international groups, acting as their delegates in Spain and other countries where ECS is established.

We listen to the customer.

We analyze their needs.

We propose action plans to achieve their business objectives by providing experience, knowledge and management tools.