The way we work

ECS have developed a successful methodology based on the experience that there are no two equal cases, no two companies, no two needs, and no two identical situations. This requires a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to understand the problem before analyzing possible solutions.

ECS offer as a working principle its commitment to the client, before, during and after the execution of the project.

Our way of working is based on the concept of cooperation, based on loyalty as an insurer of medium-term success and as a nuclear concept of relationships with business agents. In this way we offer to share projects without prior exclusions under an idea of cooperation, of sum of forces and exploitation of synergies.

We select Projects:

At the request of customers
Depending on the needs of the clients and our analysis of the business as consultants we propose our ways of participating in it.

Within the framework of our own strategy
We select projects where:

  • We bring synergistic value with other projects in which we participate
  • Be innovative sectors
  • We bring competitive advantages

We invite you to see some examples of our integrated business model.

One customer sets out a problem: How to enter the retail consumer market in certain very protectionist councils regarding their small local shops.

The process we have developed for our client has been:

  • We detected that the City Council has a lack of sports facilities.
  • We detect consumer reluctance regarding the entry of large groups into the retail consumer market.
  • We propose to the city council the construction of a sports facility in the shade financed by our client and in return the city council offers its support to the customer’s entry into the retail market in the town.
  • We get the neighbors to welcome our customer as someone who not only brings a new shop and new competition but will also provide the neighbors with special conditions on access to sports facilities.

Mutual success:

  • For the City Council, that can offer its neighbors very special conditions in access to sport.
  • For our client, that accesses the locality being valued as someone who brings value to it and who is not only looking for direct business. Improve your business reputation and use it as a lever of value for the new business.

One client proposes a project: He wants to access the raw materials market of a certain African country where there are already large multinationals with a much consolidated establishment.

The process we have developed for our client has been:

  • We detected that there were no road communications to facilitate the intended marketing.
  • We detected that the country needed strategic partners in the transport sector.
  • Thus we proposed the constitution of a joint venture of air transport that allowed to:
Change the scope of the relationship with the country’s authorities.
Have an element that facilitates your own trading business.
Become a core element of the country’s development to enter in new businesses.

Our work also consisted in finding experts in the air sector, setting up a consistent project in this sector and putting it to value.

Mutual success:

  • For our client, that has a privileged dialogue and differential means of transport.
  • For the Government of the Country, that has a strategic partner in the development of the same without having to sacrifice additional economic resources.

A customer wants to increase his level of penetration in the mobile terminal sector.

The process we have developed for our client has been:

  • Make agreements with new partner specialized in software development to equip terminals with differentiated content.
  • Make agreements with Virtual Mobile Operators (MVNO) to configure our client’s terminal as the recommended base terminal.

Mutual success:

  • Sales growth of more than 150%.
  • New Software Sales Revenue.
  • For the MVNO new differentiating elements of access to its customers.

An international customer wants to enter the Spanish market. Its attempts to establish itself with a small commercial office or with an agreement with a local agent have previously failed. It has invested a significant amount of financial, temporary and human resources and its return in terms of business profit or market recognition has been limited.

From the analysis of the situation we can see that it does not know the functioning of the market, not only in legal terms (product approval, for example) but also in terms of business.

The process we have developed for our client has been:

  • Market research. Analysis of competition. and its business development strategies.
  • Product Analysis. Review of its differentiating values.
  • Search and selection of travel companions in the implementation of the company in the selected market (financial and/or commercial).
  • We develop the business plan.
  • We provide structure for the disembarkation of our client (local, legal, administrative support…) reducing initial financial needs.
  • Once established, the company acts as external advisors, including responsibility for the management procedures implemented during the implementation phase of the company.

With our participation our client got to:

  • Reduce his implementation costs
  • Reduce the time needed to access the various market players.
  • Qualifying his company by taking advantage of ECS’s own market deployment

A Spanish company has a product from which it aims to promote its marketing.

From the analysis of the company and its product we conclude that the Spanish market is very limited in order to be a lever of sufficient value for the former.

We detect that it is a differential product with important potential in international markets.

Given our client’s limited financial capacity internationalization had been impossible in the past, a problem amplified by a very local culture and inexperienced in personal relationships with other cultures and way of understanding business.

The process we have developed for our client has been:

  • Study of the international market by needs Vs Product characteristics of our customer. Selection of the most suitable countries.
  • Search and selection of local partners interested in the development of the business offered by our client.
  • Support for the development of the joint business plan.
  • Support to the internationalization of our client (legal support in the constitution of the company in each international market, support in the development of the necessary financial control mechanisms in the business managed by its local partners in each distant market, support in the negotiation of contracts, etc).
  • Once the company is established abroad, we act as external consultants in the area of business development (new markets).

With our participation our client got to:

  • Reduce your implementation costs by shifting fixed costs to variable costs.
  • Reduce the time needed to have the necessary business experience to succeed in each market.
  • Improve their national image through international agreements.