Identifying business opportunities and consulting for clients

Business consulting, support in the detection of opportunities, legal and project support for national and international clients looking for new opportunities in the Spanish market.

ECS offer commercial and business intermediation services, as well as capitalization processes through own capital injections or other private and/or institutional investors.

From an in-depth knowledge of the needs of the client, ECS is able to provide a tailor-made solution with a strategic success orientation over time.

ECS bring value and experience not only in the form of capital, but also in the form of management and business relationships, based on its commitment to the common project and its own business values.

From the origin of a project with a good differentiating idea we analyze the competitive advantages of the same, its promoters and its organizational procedures, and we establish the parameters to enhance the set of them in a framework of loyalty and pursuit of the orderly growth of the original project through an adequate mix of capital, management resources and business relations in a matrix form.

The capillarity of the organization of ECS allows access to a large number of business opportunities that we make available to our clients. Agility and differentiation are the hallmarks of ECS in the generation of business opportunities for our clients.


ECS develop services in merger and acquisition projects of companies (M&A) in the framework of the detection of opportunities that are facilitated by the capillary structure of the company. We detect and offer our clients the best opportunities to acquire companies, businesses or productive units. At the request of our customers interested in buying companies in operation we look for and select the best opportunities adapted to the needs that carry us the first, and we accompany them throughout the process of acquiring the companies by offering them customized and custom-designed services within the scope of these merger and acquisition processes.