Project Investment

ECS invest in differentiating projects together with partners and clients, with competitive advantages that allow, in addition, completing our portfolio of services to third parties.

We analyze investment opportunities under the perspective of a consolidated and successful "Factory" of companies, providing not only financing but also administrative and commercial structure, and where we can bring synergistic advantages in its development. Our 360º vision of the business allows us to access unique opportunities in which the talent and knowledge of the strategic channels are configured as the distinguishing elements of the project.

During our investment maintenance process we actively collaborate in the strategic development of the business and in the commercial generation of value through the search, detection and proposal of synergistic elements for the development of the business.

Once the disinvestment of a specific project has been carried out, we maintain a strategic and commercial relationship that allows new investments or clients to take advantage of the successful work of each business opportunity promoted, geometrically amplifying the ability to succeed in new projects.

In this way the companies in which we have participated become new differentiating elements of support to the business of our new clients.

ECS also act as a co-investor with domestic and foreign partners in differential transactions and as an element of business engagement with our client-investors.