Promotion and development of International Companies in Spain

We act as commercial agent, consultant of business development strategy, we offer support in the areas of techno-structure that the client needs, facilitating the selection of local partners for the external commercial development of our clients.

Our wide experience and the availability of excellent multidisciplinary teams allow us to offer our clients privileged channels of commercial access to markets and companies through the complementary offer of value-added elements to their products and services.

In a globalized world, the success in products commercialization and services is to be found in the maximization of the differentiating values of their suppliers and in the thorough knowledge of their target markets, of all their agents involved and of their "metalanguage" business relationship.

ECS not only provide the necessary channels to access certain markets of interest to our clients, but also accompanies it with a business strategy process that facilitates continued success over time.

The success of the commercial manager lies in knowing how to determine the differential values of the product/service to offer and then know how to generate a clear and determined message to its potential customers, through accurate and personalized knowledge of the best marketing channels and business access. For ECS the important thing is to know ”which door to call and which message and in which language to present the product to offer”.

This characteristic makes that ECS is demanded by national and international companies that want to have a strategic, solid and effective commercial structure, and that not only seek "simple" commercial agents but someone to accompany them throughout the process of precise trade development.

ECS act, when requested, as National Representative of international companies in our country.